The Duke of York's

The Duke of York's

So many memories, of the films, sure. They’re my substitute life. But there is much to say about the ill-run but charming Duke of Yorks. Famously the oldest running cinema in Britain, it is generally crowded and incompetent and selling tickets, not a great combination. Unknown tip – you can buy tickets at the concession stand, so take care of your snack needs at the same time. They have some good but stale fancy British popcorn. Remember, they do sweet and salty here!

Don’t spend the extra £2 for the balcony. It’s very far from the screen.

Now you’re going to buy it.

Other memories include being photographed without my permission during Blue Ruin, seeing Drive Angry 3D, then being punished for that by Inception. Also the hysterical baby only (Scream Screen, I think it was called), showing of Limitless. The films, as with the movie industry that makes them, are always a second thought.