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Here’s what you do:

1) If you want to subscribe, enter your email address and click ‘Subscribe’.
2) If you want to unsubscribe, enter your email address and click ‘Unsubscribe’.

No, it won’t tell you if you already are. There’s only the one of you, so if you can’t remember whether or not you’re subscribed…what were we talking about?

Right, don’t forget to add ‘’ to your no spam list or whathaveyou. It goes without saying that saying something goes without saying is redundant. Also, that I won’t sell or do anything annoying with your emails.

You will receive an extraordinarily primitive email that looks like this.

Lucky you.

I’m not cheap; I’m retro.

Please look out for an email whose header will read, ‘New post, freeloading jerk!’. This mild verbal abuse is to deter any spam filter, and is no way a reflection of the opinions of management. Management, which technically doesn’t exist.

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Thoughts on Some Film Or Whatever

  1. dina says:

    I love success.

    1. Scott Scott says:

      I thought if I approved the last comment first it would make even less sense.

  2. dina says:

    My above comment, while awaiting moderation, also makes no sense, as it is in response to the congratulations on my success in subscribing.

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