The Ex-Post Facto Film

Like Root Beer Schnapps, better the effect than the taste.
Reported on 5th of April, 2014

Some films are just better in retrospect.  


It would be tempting to include Alex Cross, The Raven and even In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale in this, but that’s more pleasurable amnesia.  No, instead I’m talking about films like Dead Man, Se7en, or Stalker or Under the Skin where you’re either bored, or even angry, but afterwards you can’t stop thinking about it.  It implies there’s something there that, heaven forfend, even a type such as myself may have missed.  But not so much that I wouldn’t admit that I might have missed it afterwards and covered my bases.  This does not apply to films like Hugo or This is 40, because spending days thinking about killing the filmmaker doesn’t count.  I don’t care what my therapist says.

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