The Color Wheel


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The Color Wheel

1 November 2013 @ The Kino Xenix

$14.50 or, if one must be prosiac, and one must...★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

Reported on 14th of January, 2014

On one hand, The Color Wheel is a terrible title for getting you into see the movie. On the other, once you’ve seen it, it makes sense, at least inasmuch as if it had been named something that would cause you to see the movie, you wouldn’t have liked it anymore. As I actually want you to see the movie, and this last sentence will have to serve as your reason.

There are some plot points I so very much want to give away for the excuse of talking about them (cantholditinfreude?) but basically, it’s just a film that’s fast, with a lot of jokes. You won’t be bored, and that’s better than pretty much anything. As a compromise for my Lordingitoveryoufreude, I will give away three pretty good bits. Also, this movie did not make a lot of money. Please support it by seeing it, and not reading the Cliff Notes, or whatever low social function it is that I perform.
The Take

In the useless hope that someone would actually listen to what I have to say.
Can you smell this Bible?
What did I say about you making racist jokes?
That you loved it.
Don’t look at my crotch when you say molested.
The bits I left out.
Also, it’s shot on FILM. It’s worth seeing for that alone.
Total Profits
Could have done without the visual people walking with music interludes. It’s the kind of thing you’d expect to see in a movie called The Color Wheel, which is why you didn’t see it.
Total Losses


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