I have no sense of humor whatsover

The only thing funnier than analyzing jokes is hearing someone say they have a great sense of humor.
Reported on 14th of May, 2013

Because there’s nothing less funny than analyzing the mechanics of a joke. 


Unless it’s calling attention to the fact that you are.  Followed, even though use of the word ‘unless’ means it cannot be followed by anything, by actual jokes, which are themselves followed by anyone who describe themselves as ‘funny’.  What people say about themselves inevitably indicates the opposite.  It’s why I am the most average person in the world.  Only someone as average as myself would analyze jokes in the first place.

I steal this from another piece, because it explains everything:

Despite what everyone has told you, comedy is easily explained. Take, for example, this snippet overheard by John Waters in his beloved Baltimore:

“Daddy, why is Mommy crying?”

“Because you’re an asshole!”

I tried telling people that story for a while, if it’s long enough to be called one, but I gave up since I couldn’t get to the end of it without laughing, which kind of ruined the joke. That, or they didn’t think it was funny. They are wrong. These two sentences contain the crux of comedy, which is what happens when the world in your head (in this case, your loving parents) violently collides with the actual world (your parents).

So go forth, and tell jokes my sons and daughters.  Or make Batman the most serious character who ever lived.  Your choice.

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