My Flubber Soul

Well, I wasn’t doing anything with it anyway.

In mourning because I'll never be able to make the 'Dr. King ‑ no relation' joke. But happy, because I did it anyway.  
Reported on 19th of February, 2015

Editor’s note: So. No doubt my soul was completely destroyed ever so slightly by the denial of my doctorate. Nevertheless, I haven’t given up on whatever this project is supposed to be. It doesn’t hurt that by putting the image of the hate-filled rant against yours truly, I found two grammatical errors. The bits aren’t as funny, but I feel like they’re coming back. Especially proud of the ‘what happens if you just want to be right about not being happy?’ line.

My Flubber Soul

re: My Flubber Soul

Two things of note:

1) I’m still doing this. For now. Souls are floaty, so this is due to some kind of flubber effect. In the theater. The good one.

2) I have a vision of a less ugly version, which I am coding right now. PHP is actually very relaxing, like playing Puyo Puyo, and is good for time when the rage-o-meter is so high that I can’t effectively mock over-rated horror films, and the people who rate themselves so highly for seeing them.

And so, I will be here, however you might define ‘here’, possibly as before, with five articles coming out every month. That’s an average of once a week which is perfect. Steady and regular, but not so much that I would acquire a consistent readership.

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