An exercise is in the passive lack of tense.

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17 August 2018 @ Les 2 Alizes

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Reported on 9th of September, 2018

There’s not much to say about My Lady, and maybe that’s the point. They wanted to make a film where nothing happens and maybe get someone to discuss how life happens that so we don’t have to discuss how story has stopped happening.

The French title – My Lady – is uninspired and forgettable. And better than the English one.

I knew I was going to hate it from the trailer and I knew why. Like Battleship and all superhero films characters don’t do something…and then they do. Except in this case of dying by refusing treatment, they’re not even allowed the courtesy of their own desires. Man, I don’t even enjoy being wrong anymore.

It is an exercise is in the passive lack of tense. Characters don’t act or talk for a very long time and then one of them dies. I kinda want to leave it there, give the film the lack of attention it merits.

Just one thing: this is the film that pushed me over a very slight incline into the realization that 2018 is actually a worse year for film that 2011. Not by actual terribleness, but by sheer weight of incompetence. The death of a thousand final cuts.

The Take

I felt nothing.
Total Profits!
In keeping with its lack of impact, losses are in the negative, but low. Like a slightly dented loaf of white bread.
In keeping with significantly more unpleasant Unsane, what’s going on with us liking stalkers now? I get that we want to push boundaries and such, but this just feels like contradicting common sense. I guess that what we want instead of stories. Or maybe what writers want to do instead of write them.
There is story to be had in someone who refuses medical treatment in the seeking God. Milch could have written it. This feels written by an atheist. Or, more to the point – an (shudder) agnostic.
Finally, the dilemmas that Dame Emma Thompson face are straight out of legal textbook, and feel it. If only the drama had reached a textbook level.
Total Losses


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