The Haymarket

The Haymarket

Once Cineworld, now Empire, the Haymarket survives. It is certainly the best theater in London, and possibly the best in Britain. Original features, a big screen (always check that your film is playing in screen 1. Richard very wisely noted that you can do this online). It has a bar called ‘Bar.’

Protip: we learned the speakers are set to the seats about three tiers up. You can (currently, until it’s bought by a DJ/entrepreneur) choose seats ahead of time, so go five-seven rows back. It’s too far from the screen for me, but the trade off is worth it.

I saw a very underrated film there and a very overrated film there. The pleasure I got from loving the former and hating the latter adds to the greatness. The Haymarket survives. If you’re see a movie, check to see if it’s playing there first. Or just sit down in theater one. Choice is for suckers and Roman dogs.


The two films what I saw @ The Haymarket