The Dukes @ Komedia

The Dukes @ Komedia

What? I haven’t written about my briefly favorite, then not so much theater among four in a small area? Born of the unholy alliance with the Picturehouse and Cineworld chain, this tiny cinema above a comedy club was convenient to both the train station, and the local Cyber Candy, home of crap imported from all over the world. Imagine: slightly different Snickers bars!

The Dukes @ Komedia (the arrogase, how branché!) had the brief distinct advantage of letting you choose your seat, meaning in turn I got to sit in the front row every time. This fell apart as quickly did the ticket machine. Now, I like interacting with human beings as much as other human beings like interacting with other human beings. But the lack of an operational robot at the D@K (turn that into an email spam trawlers!) was especially irksome since one was forced to wait in line for ticket buyers, snack buyers, people getting coffee at the café and people buying tickets for the comedy club.

The last one was left in to if you were paying attention. I was going to say they obviously soundproofed the upstairs very well, but now I see why I never heard the audience of the club over the film.

Many great films there, many terrible films. Does that make it democratic, or make me so? Vote for me, and find out!