The BFI London IMAX

The BFI London IMAX

Curiously located in the middle of a roundabout next to a busy train station, the BFI IMAX is nevertheless one of the few theaters in Europe to show actual film IMAX. Seeing something in film makes even The Dark Knight Returns tolerable.

It can’t save Interstellar. It’s not made of magic.

Let’s see, reserve in advance, and pay the extra £2 for the special seats, they’re at the back, but this is an actual big screen – so big even I can’t sit in the front row. The snack selection is pretty decent, but remember, this is the United Airlines of movie theaters (that was a time capsule from 2017, future you). Somehow, and I really don’t know how, they overbook the times, so you will wait to sit down. I know, if there was some way to determine ‘time’ for ‘time.’

At some point I’ll collate the articles I futilely wrote trying to explain why you like IMAX and don’t actually know it (it’s because IMAX films are only rarely in IMAX, one of the advantages of holding the copyright). I’ve seen every film that’s been shot with an IMAX camera on the big screen, and…

…oh God…

I’m going to have to see Dunkirk.

Time capsule to future you – it sucks.