A not very good film can succeed by just capturing a certain moment of, well, guilt.
Reported on 23rd of January, 2014

Refers to yet another element on the success of a film that has nothing to do with the story, this despite the fact that story is the only that matters in the success of a film.  


In the way that children responded to dinosaurs – a ponderous soon-to-be extinct species – we now respond to vampires, an adorable and sexy group of individuals who feed on the rest of the world.  Ahem.  A not very good film can succeed by just capturing a certain moment of, well, guilt comes up a lot here, and let the audience of the hook, as we do with the entire Twilight/True Blood series.  The opposite is also the case, as with the detestable Arbitrage, the overpraised Inception and the bland The Wolf of Wall Street, our hero is someone – aww, that poor rich sociopath –  that we don’t like, but we really don’t like right now.  The opposite of the opposite and the original is also the case.  Well, not quite the opposite, but the middle part between the opposite of the opposite of opposite.  Yes, I could have said Weltenschauung, but I wanted to sound smart, so I used a German word.

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