The rule is simple: if GoB would do it, it's funny, not dramatic.
Reported on 7th of January, 2013

In the hyper serious millennium (9/11!  People died who weren’t black kids slinging dope!  People that mattered!  It’s too soon to make jokes about it!),



we populate our dramas who are generally detestable sociopaths who make stupid choices to move the story forward, or worse, create a trailer moment without a story attached to it.  Fine, if you’re trying to make a cake for an an anniversary of a prison break that coincided with an incestuous triangle that would help complete the perfect magic trick, but not so much if it’s about a superhero’s feelings.  Yawn.  The rule is simple: if GoB would do it, it’s funny, not dramatic.  It is certainly not compelling.  Unless it’s funny.  Which also works if you didn’t do it on purpose.  Incidentally, if I’m writing this instead of watching your movie, it means I’m bored.  Why aren’t you making a comedy instead?

Lack of talent.  Got it.

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