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Yep, I refuse to go the way of all blogs.  After writing passionately, not getting famous, sulking and not writing, then writing passionately, trying to make the website not look like utter crap, paying someone to make it not to look like utter crap, and still not getting famous, you thought I was in a sulking and not writing phrase.  You wish!  No, in fact, I was writing…delightful, delightful php and css code.  After being told all the things I couldn’t do, I taught myself how to be a website designer.  Actually, taught myself how to google when there was a problem, went to the seventh page after ads for ‘divs within divs’, and stole loads of code.  Why can’t website designers do that?  Because you pay them; see above.

And, in fact, though I’ve only added three films in the last two months, you will find that I’ve gone through and updated all the old posts with new pictures, pull-quotes and so on.  Richard joins us as a guest reviewer, and will no doubt be joining us again.  As soon as his salary runs out, of course.  I’ve also added my equivalent of a rating system.  I give you the love child of Joe Bob Briggs and hardcore risk capitalism:  The Take.  Stars are for sissies!  Which I totally am!  But for you, I will breakdown how much the film is worth, and how much it costs you.  Like so,


It’s a free website.  What do you want?
All the money you save but not seeing the films I like.
Total Profits


All the money you lose by ignoring my advice.
I’m never wrong about anything, and that gets a bit samey.
Total Losses


There will be lots of bugs, errors and missing parts, yes, but that’s all the more reason to read it: something to complain about!  As such, you can subscribe, and share various pages.  Just not the main page for some reason, and no I don’t understand why.  Maybe I should have paid someone.  Not to do it, no that would be impossible, but at least they could tell me why it couldn’t be done.

The point of all this hibernation was to create something that I can simply upload, and link and tag and write a rule for, and it will all connect up somehow.  Whether or not I will, only you can say.  Given that there are multiple yous, you will all be right, including me.

Or, like, once a week.  How about that?

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