The One Film a Year Rule

A man with no standards has to have some standards
Reported on 2nd of October, 2013


A man with no standards has to have some standards.  I will see everything, but even since the demise of Mr. Henry Jaglom (that may be wishful thinking on my part, but my brain doesn’t have the heart to check if it’s untrue: it would kill my soul), there are films that I just couldn’t manage.  She Hate Me, Bewitched, and Like Someone in Love .  They would not include Grown-Ups 2 or Keith Lemon: the Movie, both of which I would have seen, and really wish I had, but, by sheer weight of time, I did not.  This is the catch: you can dare me to see Diana, and if it’s not The One Film, I have to see it.

You have to come with me.

It’s a good system.


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