The Hostage/Whiner Split

Rah rah, feminism, rah. Said the cheerleader.
Reported on 1st of June, 2013

Ah, feminism.  We sure have made some advances in the last few years!   We’ve abandoned hard things like challenging the patriarchal nonsense of war and the arrogant stupidity of unbridled profit pursuit, and cheaply chosen to embrace body shame.  The nuns of the 12th Century would be so proud.  The good news, the mother/whore split is largely gone, mostly because both of these involve sex, pleasure or boobies, which do not exist in case children might see them.  If they could be bothered to look up from all the pornography on their phones of course.  The bad news, is that it has been replaced steadily by the whiner/hostage split, where the former allows women the ‘choice’ of complaining about how the man doesn’t spend enough time at home (a subset of ‘Stop Saving The World The Girl Complains’), or getting captured.  In each case, the mother and the whore are still there implicitly, but they’ve lost even the characteristics, nurturing and sex, which made them worthy of cliché or at least motivation.  Yes, all this selling out has, as usual, made for a slightly shittier world, but it has more importantly made for weak characters, women whose only purpose is to annoy or to dangle a chaste kiss.

Rah rah, feminism, rah.

Said the cheerleader.

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