The Zombies Make More Sense Than Reality Rule

What kind of maniac doesn’t love zombies? Despite the obvious Hobbesfreude (that’s another rule), there is a reason that zombie movies are so popular: they have rules. Unlike reality, when you do X, Y is the result. Shoot him in the head? He dies. Bites you. You turn.

This is true of every great science fiction/fantasy genre, including vampires, aliens (the series) and so on. It’s only one of the reasons that the Twilight films were so terrible, because they simply make up the rules as they went along. If you get pregnant you die, unless you don’t.

This remains the reason that sports exist at all: to provide the structure that life fails to. Which is in turn why we have zombie movies. Who doesn’t love the fantasy of shooting hordes of people because they’re annoying. I mean, undead. Undead.

There are six films covered by The Zombies Make More Sense Than Reality Rule