The Video Game Movie

The idea of basing a film on a video game seemed utterly absurd.

I vowed to see all of them.

All video game movies, in the theater. The inexplicable Super Mario Bros.? No problem. House of the Dead? Of course! The sequel to Mortal Kombat? Okay, maybe I should take another…Lara Croft 2: The Cradle of Life???? Who could have known there would be so many. It was an impossible task.

So I did it.

That’s right dear reader. The six Resident Evil’s including the last one? In the theater. The Hr. Uwe Boll œuvre? Allof them, including an extremely rare ticket to Postal. And when someone makes an ill-advised boardgame or amusement park film, the ill-advisedness will suck me in like so many Dennis Hoppers as devolutionized dinosaurs made of fungi.