The Scott

The Scott is the award for entertaining films, which may be in fact harder to make than bad, good or even great ones. The only thing harder is making funny ones, which are, you know, entertaining. Calling it a Scott is not in reference to me, which is strange for me, not referring to myself, as I am right now, but to Mr. Tony Scott, who made a whole slew of pretty decent fun films, including the best Tarantino crime film: True Romance.

Now I’m aware it’s in bad taste that I ever open my mouth to say anything at all, let alone name an award after a guy who killed himself. But no one defends the decent workmen filmmakers, who may not accomplish the sublime, but they do the second best by not sucking. True Romance is probably the perfect example why we need more filmmakers like Mr. Scott because guess what? It is better that Slater’s character lives. Tarantino would have ruined it. Other than the fact that he wrote it, so shut up.

His idiot brother, Sir Ridley Scott, made a good film, then two which actually defined genres, and then, falling hard to the Second Peter Hyams rule, begin a run of turd after cinematic turd. See A Good Year and decide for yourself how long it is. Mr. Tony Scott didn’t make Blade Runner or The Duelist, but he didn’t make Legend or Promethius or the If I Make Something Forgettable No One Will I Remember I Made It Kingdom of Heaven either. I can’t remember a Tony Scott film I didn’t like, and I remember all of them pretty well.