The Puyo Puyo Film

Most of you are shameless regards your multiple viewing habits, facing or laxting or whathaveyou. I do the same thing but I’m not shameless about it. I hide it here. My dirty secret is an old Japanese puzzle game akin to Tetris, that is, Puyo Puyo!

I play it during certain television shows that demand just the right amount of cognitive attention – not so much that you actually want to watch, but enough that you can be check in occasionally, maybe, once an episode, actually pause the game and see what happens. The likes of Boardwalk Empire, SVU, Game of Thrones, are fine, but basically radio plays without the drama. But they are not The Good Wife or 30 Rock or Justified or The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in that if you’re not giving it your all as a viewer, it’s as pointless as watching those other shows purely on their own.

Thus, the Puyo Puyo Film is perfectible acceptable, fine even. But should not be actually watched under any circumstances.