The Oscar Moment

We are stupid, except for you of course. It’s bad enough that we statistically favor films for Oscars that come out at the end of the year, and bad enough that we will never reward a great comedy performance. Fine. But we’re so dumb (except you) that we¬†are unable to take in the totality of an actor’s performance. Instead, we remember one particular cry or twitch or what-have-you. Every¬†performance has a moment, and even if the rest of the film/performance/script/gaffing sucked, you got something for the clip. To remind us. It’s been like two months since the end of the year. Thank God we don’t notice they’re making…something…films. What’s that word, for when you can’t…uh…you know…

Oooh, cat video!

There are two films covered by The Oscar Moment