The Marc

Cribbed from an article that will probably never be finished:

What about, reasoned I, films that are so-so, or even lousy, but that are vastly overpraised? The don’t deserve an Abrams, as that would give them as too much subconscious attention. Like naming the award for worst filmmaking after JJ Abrams.

So, in the name of obscurity: we name the award for most overrated average film of the year after Marc Forster, the co-writer on Shakespeare in Love. The Marc is appropriate because 1) it’s spelled with a ‘c’. Seriously chief, file for a name change, 2) it’s what the people who made the film call the audience behind their back, and 3) in a strange dose of reality, I actually heard an interview with the two writers or NPR back in whatever year that was, and Mr. Forster is a spectacular douche, and 4) I like the sound of it.

And so, for all the films that aren’t even good enough to hate, but somehow bad enough to be worshipped, The Marc!