The Legerdemain-Flapper-Gent

I don’t like the term Magic Dream Pixie Girl, not because it isn’t accurate. It is. It is also appropriately applied, as it describes the unspeakably trite and rote story of how men need woman to express their feelings. I just didn’t think of it, and so I hate it. In its stead, and thanks to the nonexistent Genius, I give you the appropriately old-timey (a phrase, ironically, that our group in the nineties did actually originate) Legerdemain Flapper Gent. Don’t worry, he dies at the end too. Because you have to learn something. Just because you don’t know what you learned doesn’t mean you didn’t learn, even though that is the definition of learning.

There are two films covered by The Legerdemain-Flapper-Gent