Nazis...I'm becoming increasingly indifferent about these guys

Put simply, and simply cutting and pasting from the article that probably led you here: after Inglorious Basterds, we are done with Nazis film-wise.

It is a strange phenomenon that Nazis, and more specifically, the Jewish/Slav genocide of the 1930s and 40s, have become more and more cinematically (and politically) present the farther and farther we move away from the actual events in time. Beginning with a film that has never been shown (The Day the Clown Cried), and ending (or so I thought) with a film that joyfully ignores history entirely (Inglorious Basterds), it is a subject that has seen varieties of success and failure. I’m not sure why our various Zeitgeists are so compelled to relive this particular event (rather than the genocides of Stalin, or Mao, or for that matter, the Americas, oh, sorry, answered my own question), but whatever the intent, the retelling of the Holocaust has done exactly the opposite of what was originally intended: it has rendered the subject, and the films about it, trite.

This is what aid workers often call compassion fatigue, referring to themselves as well as their potential donors (Remember Haiti? Don’t worry if you don’t; the Haitians do). In filmic terms, we have been exposed to scenes like what takes place in the Vel’ d’Hiv and the camps of Bouches-du-Rhône and over and over again. Even if you’re not a heartless cynic like myself, and getting back to the point I was trying to make a paragraph ago, when you depict real events, you run the risk of trivializing the violence in the very act of showing it. The best film ever made on the Holocaust – HBO’s Conspiracy – has nary a bullet fired. Instead it demonstrates how choice and consequences actually operate, how repellent and inhuman events arise from the best considered motives, and how easy it is to give in, even when you know better. You should see it, by the way, if you haven’t.

When I said that this subject has come to its filmic end with Inglorious Basterds, I meant it. What remains are the tepid and disingenuous ghostly remainders of a culture that ‘must never forget’, as long as memory involves no accuracy or insight.

There are three films covered by Nazis...I'm becoming increasingly indifferent about these guys