Standing on the toenails of genre

To explain the slug, it’s the image of those artsy types who think they know about crime/scifi/action than the genre masterminds, mistaking a bird’s eye view for a worm’s.


Genre filmmaking is fucking hard, because you have to make it seem transparent. Underlining your points in clunky metaphors and suicides at the end is for people who can’t hack it in genre. There’s a coach gym metaphor in here somewhere, and I should know. I made Treasure Island. Which makes it the Kickball of films.

I’ll take it.

Sometimes someone unfamiliar with the rules will makes something awesome or weird or both. Ghost Dog and Spartan come to mind. Most of the time, though it’s people thinking they know better. Instead of should have known.

There are eight films covered by Standing on the toenails of genre