Kuleshov without the cutaways

Originally and uninspiredly entitled The Sweater Aesthetic, this rule now refers to its intent: creating the illusion of depth with the reality of length. Though this phenomenon did not originate with the dull and overrated Swedish crime dramas of the turn of this century, the evidence was most glaring there. They had taken what would be a normal story on an hour-long (technically, they had taken an A-story on an hour-long, since most competent crime drama would have three contained within its 42-48 minute limit), and extended it to ten+ episodes. The American version then made this two seasons. There could be no more nothing.

That’s not a challenge. That’s not a challenge!!!!

Arguably related to The Puyo Puyo Film, this may because of the way that content is consumed, i.e. simultaneously with other content, screaming family members watching so much other content that you have to pause and so on. What is not part of the new media experience is the unearned approbation given to films that show nothing but more empty space. Thus, Kuleshov without the cutaways is the effect that when nothing is happening, then something profound must be. In this age, we are this desperate to find meaning. There are no clues as to why this might be so.

There are two films covered by Kuleshov without the cutaways