CGI Car Chase

Back in the days of television, you were required to fill in the 54, then 48, then 42 minutes no matter what. But if the dialog between Ms. Cheryl Ladd and Mr. Scott Baio was not as Pinteresque as you might have hoped, what to do? Well, car chase, of course. These were boring even by 1970s standards, but they served their purpose, which was to fill up the minutes of a pan around the corner, followed by…a pan around the corner!

Of course these are the best parts of the show now, as you freeze frame and google map and see what happened to Universal City (spoiler alert, nothing good). What has replaced is the CGI filler and the expectation that spectacle, no matter how overseen, will excite us. It will, in twenty years. Oh my God, they were still using raytrace! It’s amazing! Right, lizard overlord?