Mind Bullets

I have no skills so I’m very slowly learning some, and this blog, if you could get past its noisomeness (engendered largely by the use of the word ‘noisome’), maybe you’ll give me a dollar to php you myadmin. Some thoughts:


Instead of the theme I purchased and modified, I have coded this little feller from scratch. The themes that they sell that do everything, tend to be doing everything that you’re not using in the background, slowing down the very small part that you are using.

In that vein, all the javascript is what they call vanilla, in an attempt I suppose to make jQuery sound all hot and bondagey. Have you ever noticed sometimes, especially on Tumblr, that things just sit there? This is because code is written and viewed on computers that are lightning fast right next to the server. This is because of writing javascript (this is the language that runs in your browser, so-called client-side) in another language called jQuery. So your computer has to process one then the other. I would say more, but I really don’t know more.


At some point, I’ll talk about fonts. Right now, I have to get my money by unscrupulous fill in the blank.


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